Exercise Videos

Brain Body Balance Physiotherapy is using the latest technology when it comes to your home exercise program.
Physitrack is the new standard in home exercise programs. Individual video-based programs can be designed using clearly narrated and annotated videos to show you how to do your exercises wherever you are.
A link to your program is emailed* to you. You can then use your smart phone, tablet or computer to download the free app to access your exercises using your password.
You can give your therapist feedback about how many repetitions you have done and how you felt, so modifications can be made before the next appointment if necessary.
It is completely free for you to use - yet another way Brain Body Balance Physiotherapy adds value to your dollar.
You even get reminders to do your exercises!!
*Should you not want or are unable to access a video program, the program can either be printed at your appointment or emailed to you as a PDF to print at home.