Controlling Pain Using the Body and Brain

Are you in pain?

Do you want to learn how to confidently and competently avoid unnecessary pain?

Are you interested in knowing how to get the most out of your appointments?
Could there be things that are contributing to causing you pain in the future or that will become barriers to recovery should you injure yourself?

This lecture will help you to


Understanding pain has been shown to have immediate beneficial effects on pain intensity, so topics covered are:

How pain is made
Factors that could be contributing to your pain
Strategies to reduce the likelihood of getting pain
How to reduce pain if you already have it
How to reduce pain if you get it in the future
Strategies to prevent it coming back
For patients who are in chronic pain, this lecture will lay the foundation for the way forward. Individualised treatment may be necessary after attendance at the lecture to realise the full benefit of what can be done to reduce your pain and break the vicious cycle.

Understanding pain and having the tools to help to reduce it, can not only help you, it can also help you to understand and help family members who are in pain.
Some of the information presented may challenge long held beliefs, but it is based on excellent recent research findings from many, many sources.

Once you have a deeper understanding of pain and the brain, improvement from treatment can be more marked and by implementing the healthy behaviours suggested in this lecture, improvement can be better maintained between sessions, thus reducing the number of appointments required.

It is not just a case of mind over matter. There are simple tangible tools that you can use to reduce the amount of unnecessary pain in your life.
This lecture costs $30 to attend.
It is held in Fitness First Indooroopilly.
To book online, select the Group Sessions tab.
If session times advertised do not suit, please phone or text 0407158 429.